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Was Jeff Saturday Baited By Jim Irsay?

Photo: Ethan Miller

Fresh off a victory over the struggling Raiders, Colts HC Jeff Saturday is enjoying the spoils of his first head coaching victory in the NFL. Former Colts DE Robert Mathis believes Colts owner Jim Irsay “baited” Saturday in order to get Peyton Manning in the Colts organization in any capacity, which leads Covino and Rich to think about the times they’ve been used as bait as Mathis suggests.

Steve Covino: “Using Jeff Saturday to get Peyton Manning could be the case with the Colts and Jim Irsay. That’s if he wants to bring back that winning culture. You want old franchise players back in the organization somehow. Getting "baited" might happen more than we all realize.”
Rich Davis: “If Peyton Manning is in the front office of the Colts, that’s a win for the franchise and its fan base. Or maybe Jim Irsay got lost in his eyes. My question is: What if the Colts play decent? Is the narrative on Jeff Saturday being hired going to change?”