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Covino & Rich

Widely-popular broadcast duo Steve Covino and Rich Davis feature their unique take on the hot sports topics of the day, injected with their brand of...Full Bio


Covino & Rich Debut Video Podcast, "Overpromised"

Adding to the collection of content this crew dishes out, the team of Steve Covino, Rich Davis, and Spotcenter present a new show that piggybacks on the 2 hour Fox Sports Radio show Covino & Rich.

"Overpromised" is your ticket to a wild ride through the hottest headlines, trends, and debates that didn't quite make it onto their daily radio show. Join Covino & Rich as they unleash their signature wit and unparalleled chemistry, bringing you a unique and entertaining spin on all things sports and pop culture. Overpromised is the podcast that delivers the content you've been craving. With their finger on the pulse of what's trending, they'll take you on a journey through the highs and lows of the week's stories, all while injecting their own brand of humor and insight into the mix. Covino & Rich promised more, and they're delivering it all in Overpromised!

Covino & Rich's radio show airs at 5pm ET to 7pm ET, and so Overpromised takes off right at the 7pm mark after they've shuffled themselves from the FSR desk to the CNR set. The podcast will also be readily available!