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Steve Covino: “Being A 3rd String Anything is Embarrassing!”

Photo: Loren Elliott

49ers QB, Trey Lance has had a roller coaster of a career in the NFL and it’s only his third year in the league! The former first round pick has now been downgraded to QB3 for the 49ers following the emergence of Brock Purdy. The guys react to the former starters fall off and give their take on what’s next for the Lance!

Steve Covino: “QB3 is so weak for a player of his caliber or what they thought he’d be. Even if you played third trumpet in high school band you’d be embarrassed! If I was designated to 3rd trumpet I’m quitting! Your parents don’t even show up if you are third trombone, they aren’t going to the show you aren’t even first or second seat!”
Rich Davis: “Someone will take a chance on him, but I don’t think it will be with 49ers because that would be mean to many things would happen, I mean knock on wood what’s the chance of having to go to a third QB... they did that last year and it was unlikely!”