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Dan Beyer and Monse Bolanos Welcome Alex Curry To Fox Sports Radio


Dan Beyer: "Alex Curry and Monse Bolanos here on Fox Sports Radio, the show debuts from 4pm est/1pm pst, we are excited Alex!"
Monse Bolanos: "Honestly just getting to work with you Alex I just can't believe it just because I was watching you 12 years always inspired me!"
Alex Curry: "This is something I have been manifesting for the last decade...I have always been the one setting questions asking what people think and now its the first time Monse and I have a platform to share our thoughts and opinions on the sports world.. I am over the moon!"

On this episode of Covino and Rich, Dan Beyer and Monse Bolanos fill in for the guys and interview with new Fox Sports Weekend Radio Host Alex Curry and welcome her in to the Fox Sports Family. Monse and Dan talk about how amazing it is that Monse and Alex are hosting together and bring a lot of energy, fun, and experience to the fold.