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LeBron Keeps Getting What He Wants, Even At The Expense of Bronny James

Los Angeles Lakers Introduce Bronny James & Dalton Knecht

Photo: Getty Images North America

Dan Beyer & Kerry Rhodes in for Covino & Rich, discuss how the list of things keep growing of what LeBron James demands out of the Lakers organization, and explain how it looks like it's starting to affect Bronny James with his public comments.

Kerry Rhodes: "At his press conference, it sounds like Bronny’s been held hostage & there was no sense of him being himself, and so it seems like it's very much calculated, which is everything that's represents LeBron."
Dan Beyer: "There’s no way to get to know him, he’s sticking to the script and the topics at hand, and I'm not blaming him since I don't think he's had a real choice in all of his."