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FOX Football Sunday with Chris Plank and Arnie Spanier: 01/13/2019

It's a FOX Football Sunday with Chris Plank and Arnie Spanier. The guys react to the NFL Divisional Round and try to figure out what happened to the Los Angeles Chargers, it may have been Arnie's kiss of death. Are we destined for another Tom Brady - Bill Belichick Super Bowl or can Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs flip the script? The guys give you their take. Plus, there's no one closer to the Kyler Murray saga than Plank and he breaks down what he thinks is going to happen for the budding super star, NFL, MLB ... or both? Also, where did the Eagles lose the game against the Saints? Was it the drop to end the game ore was it a series of events that led up the team's demise? Plank and Arnie breakdown all the pivotal moments that leas to the New Orleans Saints beating the Philadelphia Eagles. 

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