Washington Fumbles Sean Taylor's Jersey Retirement

Photo: Matt Stroshane

Plaxico Burress: "Honor this man properly and give him his just due. Don't announce to the fans and the players and the world that you're going to retire his jersey on Thursday, 3 days before the game. They wouldn't do that to anybody else, why do it to him? His legacy deserves better."
TJ Houshmandzadeh: "They just threw this together. They'll never say it but that's what happened. They're trying to get good news and good PR, and once again they've messed up."
LaVar Arrington: "They did have this planned, and they did reach out to the alumni a while back. I don't know why they just announced it. There is no justification for it. This probably would not have been well received even if the Gruden emails came out. But the Gruden emails did come out, and now you're dealing with all the outrage of those combined."

LaVar Arrington, TJ Houshmandzadeh, and Plaxico Burress react to the Washington Football Team announcing Sean Taylor's jersey retirement in the midst of a controversial week for the franchise. TJ and Plaxico rip the team for an ill-timed announcement, saying the lack of advance notice makes it clear that the team is using this as a way to distract from the current negative publicity. LaVar, however, reveals that he has firsthand knowledge that this ceremony has been in the works much longer than the franchise had indicated, and dives into the vitriol the team is facing in the midst of giving Taylor the highest honor of the franchise.