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FOX Sports Radio Weekends

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Covino & Rich (for Gottlieb) Jimmy G's Future & Greatest Sports Video Games

Covino and Rich do a deep dive on Jimmy G. and his future with the Niners and they take calls on the topic from around the country. Are you anti black and white classic Christmas movies? Rich is, both Covino and Danny G. can't believe that he won't acknowledge It's a Wonderful Life as one of the best just because it's old. They talk Best Christmas movie odds and the phone lines light up and a movie debate begins! Do you bust your friends chops when their team loses? The fellas discuss that with David Gascon. They talk Madden documentary which drops tomorrow and how many younger sports fans don't even know who John Madden really is. The show and listeners have fun flashing back to the greatest sports video games of all-time. Plus, Covino is running out of time... they explain.

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