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Beyer & Wrighster: The Eagles are Primed for a Super Bowl Hangover

Photo: Carmen Mandato

Dan Beyer: “The Eagles have a ton of free agents they need to sign this offseason, and they’re going to lose a lot of names this offseason. You also look at their schedule this season, which was talked about a lot this season as one of the easier ones in the NFL. Next season, they will have the 49ers, Bills, Dolphins, on the road in Kansas City and the NFC East. That’s going to be a difficult road, and on top of that, both of their coordinators are gone. A lot went right for them this season, and I know they had some injury struggles with Jalen Hurts, but they had some eye-opening lulls. I go back to AJ Brown after the Giants game. He was sulking on the bench even though they had the best record in the league and were crushing New York. Do you think that’s going to get better next season if he’s not getting the same success?” 
George Wrighster: “I disagree. People said the same thing about the Bengals last offseason that they wouldn’t be able to come back because they had a lucky season. But they did. Good teams with solid quarterbacks find a way to do well and find a way to come back.” 

Dan Beyer and George Wrighster debate the state of the Philadelphia Eagles after their heartbreaking Super Bowl loss last week against the Chiefs. Dan believes the Eagles will have a major Super Bowl hangover, because so much fell in their favor this season. However, George believes that ‘the Birds’ are too good to fail so quickly. Listen to the full segment down below!