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Book of Joe: Glenn Fleisig, Pitching Biomechanics Expert

The Book of Joe Podcast begins with Joe Maddon watching early games and asking Tom Verducci why it took rule changes to teach players how to steal a base.  We're joined by Pitching Biomechanics Expert Glenn Fleisig to discuss pitching biomechanics and why we're not able to prevent more injuries on the mound.  We explore the relationship between torque and velocity and Glenn cautions an athlete chasing a number on a radar gun. Joe questions players becoming almost disposable because of the inventory of hard throwers.  Have we reached the speed limit of the human shoulder and arm in MLB?  Glenn reveals how biomechanics can help coaches diagnose potential problems that could impact a pitcher's career.  Plus, why do pitchers get hurt more when they pitch less? We wrap up with 'A reading from The Book of Joe' and Glenn picks page 162.

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