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Kevin Durant Would Have Been Insane to Stay in OKC

“I think it’s really funny that a ball hog point guard, because he’s loyal, is viewed as the winner in this thing.”

As Kevin Durant is set to make his highly anticipated return to Oklahoma City this Saturday, all eyes will be on the menacing reaction Durant will receive from Thunder fans looking to berate the backstabber who left the small market franchise for the 73-win mighty Warriors.

Colin Cowherd thinks this popular narrative is comical, considering Durant’s particular situation entailed him bolting a lineup that boasted one of the game’s biggest ball hogs in Russell Westbrook.

Cowherd compared the split to a messy divorce where one of the spouses is forced into leaving the other on account of the person going insane. With shot totals multiplying, and field goal percentages declining, Cowherd says Durant go out of that precarious relationship at just the right time.