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The NBA is a Sideshow League

You need to look no further than Saturday night's matchup between Golden State and Oklahoma City to see why the NBA has a major problem. 

In a matchup between two playoff teams in the Western Conference, the entire audience was only interested in the drama that might occur between Kevin Durant and either Russell Westbrook or the fans. 'Sideshows' like this are the the most important thing to the NBA, not the product on the floor, which is why there is a big issue at hand for the league who let itself get here by allowing players like LeBron to get all that they want. 

Jason Whitlock was holding nothing back during the video above, and lays out what is wrong with today's NBA. Watch, and be sure to tune into The Herd (where Jason is filling in for Colin Cowherd) every weekday from 12-3 pm est. on Fox Sports Radio.