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Conor McGregor is a Harmless Opponent to Floyd

Jason Whitlock was on The Herd debating what type of historical context a potential fight with Conor McGregor would have on Floyd Mayweather’s legacy as one of the greatest boxers of all-time.

Whitlock dismissed any notion of the fight coming off as a sideshow act, and said the enormously hyped gimmick wouldn’t alter either fighters career, no matter how against the grain it would go with purists of both fighting sports.

“If his record is 50-0 when it’s over, and the check clears, Floyd is all good.”

Probably the most important thing Whitlock wants inquiring followers to realize is how little of a chance McGregor really has against Mayweather. He cites the mismatch as the biggest reason why Mayweather would entertain such a fight in the first place, with his legacy still casting dark shadows over the fact he never fought Manny Pacquiao a decade ago when both fighters were in the primes of their careers. 

“Floyd is 49-0 against people who have spent their entire life boxing and now a guy with no boxing history is a threat?” Whitlock said. “I don’t see any risk here for Floyd Mayweather to his brand, or anything.”