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Conor McGregor Won't Win but That Doesn't Matter

As news broke Tuesday about the legitimacy of a matchup that once seemed like a sick and twisted fake news story, Clay Travis tried to put the historical ramifications of this monumental matchup into context.

Although Travis doesn't think the UFC fighter McGregor would have a realistic shot against one of the greatest boxing technicians in the history of the sport, Travis believes the build up to the fight could rival some of the greatest heavyweight bouts of all-time – with the money to prove it.

“I don’t think anyone is going to argue that it’s going to be competitive,” Travis said. “If I was advising Conor McGregor I would say ‘Yes, you have to do this fight, you’re going to make $50 million.'”

Travis thinks the fight could be one of the last intriguing boxing matchups that a disillusioned sports society has with fighting sports, and also believes it could pave the way for McGregor’s exit from a UFC that has often tried to undercut McGregor’s influence.

“Then, Conor McGregor can just ride off into the sunset and do WWE.”