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Tom Brady is Signing Autographs for a LOT of Money

As is customary, the Super Bowl winning quarterback has been approached by Las Vegas companies to sign a significant amount of memoribilia to be sold for profit. This year, however, Tom Brady is drawing a steeper market than others in the past, and Steve Gorman Sports breaks down just how ridiculous the pricing really is.

Here is the Tom Brady autograph price chart as given to you by Jeffrey Gorman. If you send THESE below items in and pay in full, the item will be returned to you with a Tom Brady signature on it for this amount:

  • Trading Card - $499
  • Flat Item - 799
  • Larger than 11x14 - $819
  • Full helmet - 849
  • Artwork - $1400
  • Game Used Item - $2000


  • Personalized inscription for under 20 characters - $500 additional
  • For him to write 4x Super Bowl MVP - $299 additional

Complete and utter insanity, but there is certainly a market for it. Steve Gorman discusses with Jeffrey below.

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