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Doug Adler says 'Fear' is Keeping Ex-Colleagues Away

Doug Adler used the term 'guerilla' during his commentary on ESPN for a Venus Williams singles match in the Australian Open, as he would any other common tennis verbiage in that situation, and was fired immediately. He was then unceremoniously dumped into the social media social justice scene to be labeled and called a racist by eggs.

Anything seem wrong about that? Clay Travis breaks down the scenario for you in this article if you need a refresher, because Doug Adler joined Outkick the Coverage this morning to  discuss the aftermath of his dismissal.

Clay Travis asked Adler specifically about his former ESPN colleagues, who have approached him in private to stress their frustration with the situation, but refuse to publicly endorse him. Adler states calmly and directly why they won't do so.


He later goes to to add that "They are tough jobs to keep, there is so much competition. If you step out of line, the (others) see what happens to someone like myself, who did nothing wrong... and it creates fear and panic."

Listen below:

The full 15 minute interview can be found in it's entirety in the audio below.

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