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It's Refreshing to See Villains in Athletics

“Everyone in the millennial generation wants to be cuddly, feely and loved, and they're not willing to be disliked anymore.”

In an age where athletes are fixated with the amount of Twitter followers they have and holding a compulsive obsession with being revered, Clay Travis respects the fact that both Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, two of the greatest ever at their respective crafts, have reveled in the role of the antagonist.

“We don’t really have any bad guys anymore,” Travis said. “No one is willing to play the heel, everyone wants to be liked.”

With most modern athletes worried about their branding and commercial appeal, Travis thinks it’s extremely rare to see two elite athletes like McGregor and Mayweather present themselves in impromptu and sometimes uncomfortably unadulterated fashions.

“No one is willing to be the villain anymore,” Travis said. “Everybody reads their Twitter mentions and if people are mean to them they don’t want to be the villain anymore.”