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Roddy White says Falcons Players Frustrated with Play Calling

TMZ - Atlanta Falcons legend Roddy White says he's spoken with players on the team who are still frustrated with the play calling at the end of the Super Bowl ... and says, "The City of Atlanta needed [that win]."

Roddy obviously loves the organization but says facts are facts ... several players were just as confused at the play calling in the 4th quarter as the fans at home. 

White says "you don't have to be a football genius" to realize the team should've run the ball 3 times and kicked a field goal instead of trying to pass when they were up by 8. 

So this is maybe the least shocking news of all time, and in my opinion really doesn't need to be aired out by a former Falcons player who surely has the trust of some of the players currently on the team.

Roddy taking to TMZ to rub salt in the wounds is not going to help his former team get over this type of loss, which by the way is arguably the worst in the history of the sport, and he should know better than to do that.

Whichever players he stressed this to might not even agree, but in my opinion the last thing the city of Atlanta needs right now is someone reminding them that the guy coaching the 49ers right now is responsible for the misery they might still feel when the word 'football' is mentioned or they see a Falcon flying overhead.