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The Idea LeBron Could Wear down is Ridiculous

“This story was encouraged by someone in LeBron James’ inner circle helping to prepare for the inevitable, when LeBron James takes his annual break before the postseason.”

With Kevin Love’s injury suddenly propelling LeBron James' long-term usage this season into the forefront, Ben Maller wonders if it was an inside job from LeBron’s camp to get their client some R & R during the NBA’s stretch run.

LeBron loyalists are arguing that the eternal MVP is tied for the league lead in minutes per game, but Maller likes to point out that if you take all his DNP’s into account for rest, he actually ranks 12th in the league in cumulative minutes.

With Cleveland’s Finals chances obviously having zero correlation with their seed, Ben Maller thinks LeBron’s wear-and-tear shouldn’t even be a topic of conversation, as LeBron could sit out the rest of the regular season and Cleveland would still have three-walkovers to the Finals with whatever spot in the standings they secured.