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Bill Belichick to narrate film "D-Day: Over Normandy"

CSNNE - Bill Belichick’s abiding, lifelong respect and admiration for military history will be illustrated this spring as he’s agreed to narrate a one-hour film titled, “D-Day: Over Normandy”.

The movie, produced by Rhode Island’s Tim Gray and set to air on PBS stations around the country. The film, according to a release, “is a unique production in that it relies primarily on only drone aerial shots of many of the important Allied objectives on June 6, 1944 as the liberation of western Europe got underway.”

Bill Belichick has to be trolling at this point. There is going to be some book that comes out in ten years by Belichick and it will be so full of color and personality as he describes this long-con he pulled on the American public and the NFL by acting stoic and boring and seeing how that translated into on-field success.

This seems out of character, but when you consider Belichick and his interests it very much is something you can see him doing. No that it is confirmed, everyone has one more 'must watch TV' event featuring Belichick to look forward to this year.