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Compare Oakley Saga to You and Your Former Boss

“Put this in the context of your own employment and you recognize how absurd it is.”

After the James Dolan and Charles Oakley saga continued to take more roller coaster dips and dives this week, Clay Travis wonders how a guy who got thrown out of an arena for assaulting security guards by an owner he had been threatening for years can somehow become a sympathetic figure seemingly overnight.

With Oakley’s history of making physical threats towards the befuddled Knicks owner, Travis says Dolan did what anyone would have done given the situation, with an intoxicated and belligerent former NBA enforcer sitting just feet away from the man he once famously threatened to poison.

Travis tried to put the bizarre ordeal into perspective, comparing it to the average person and their former employer pulling something like Oakley did.

“Imagine if 20 years from now I showed up at Fox Sports Radio’s studio drunk, after threatening the current owner of Fox Sports Radio that I’d poison him and beat his ass if I saw him in person. Security guards showed up to ask me why I was there and then I shoved those security guards and assaulted them and they forced me out of the building and I was arrested for assault. Every single person in the Fox Sports Radio studios would be like ‘damn, Clay Travis has gone crazy’, nobody would be out there wearing ‘Free Clay Travis’ shirts. No one would say, ‘you know what, this is a perfect example of Fox Sports Radio and their slave master mentality.'"