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Mom sends College Teen a Box of Trash he was Supposed to Take Out

BUZZFEED - A few weeks ago, Cox received a package in the mail from his mom that he thought was a ~care package~ of necessities and goodies.

“I was thrilled, because it’s like Christmas when you get mail from family when you’re in college,” he told BuzzFeed News.

Excited, Cox quickly tore open the box and thought to himself that there was a lot of “wrapping” or some kind of tissue paper used to conceal what was inside.

Well, there was a lot of tissue — used tissue. His used tissues. It turned out that his mom had sent him a package of trash he was too lazy to take out when he was home for the holiday break.

“I have raised and taught Connor better than this, and his actions deserve consequences — even if they are humorous,” Terri told BuzzFeed News.

Apparently, there was a verbal agreement made between Connor and his mom that when he was home, he was to carry out all of his normal duties and chores.

“I guess I thought I could get away with it all and have her clean it up, but she showed me otherwise,” Connor said.

This is awesome, ruthless, and everything great about being a college student away from your mother. You get a box, thinking it's a gift or a nostalgic remnant from your old bedroom only to find that your mom is SUPER PISSED about something that happened before you left for college.

Amazing. Here is the picture of the box: