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John Calipari Players Underperform in the NBA

John Calipari said that a team of former Kentucky players would win the NBA title together yesterday to the media, and cites the lineup he would use to do so:

PG - John Wall

SG - Devin Booker

SF - Anthony Davis

PF - DeMarcus Cousins 

C - Karl Anthony Towns

First think out of Colin Cowherds mouth about this lineup is a simple question, who is guarding LeBron? Who is going to take Klay Thompson? This is a ridiculous idea, and one Calipari would have been better suited just not saying. 

While we're at it, Colin has a bone to pick with former John Calipari players, which he breaks into two categories. 

There is a group of very talented, but immature former Calipari players including the likes of Rose, Wall, and Cousins. Then you have the group of really talented guys who are underwhelming in the NBA, made up of Nerlens Noel, MKG, Rose (again), Marcus Camby, and Devin Booker. Overall, former Calipari players do not play well in the NBA, and could absolutely not win a title.

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