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Michael Floyd Sentenced to Jail for Extreme DUI

TMZ - NFL's Michael Floyd has struck a plea deal in his extreme DUI case and will have to serve some time behind bars.

As we previously reported, the 27-year-old receiver was arrested on December 12 after cops saw his car was stopped at a green traffic light and found him asleep at the wheel.

Now, according to court records ... Floyd pled guilty to extreme DUI and in exchange, he was sentenced to 120 days in jail. According to Jonathan Roy of Fox 10, he will only serve 24 days behind bars and the rest on house arrest.

Floyd also has to complete 30 hours of community service and pay a $5,115 fine.

So people were all angry about how the Patriots picked up Michael Floyd for a competitive advantage given his mistake getting behind the wheel of a car, and rightfully so. Today's news will only go further towards fueling their New England hatred, and again, rightfully so.

But on the contrary, 27 year old NFL players make mistakes. That is well documented throughout history. 24 days in jail and some house arrest will more than likely see his time with the Patriots come to an end, but he will more than likely get another chance in the league. Is it so morally wrong to take a guy before he serves his time as opposed to after, if he learned his lesson regardless? If he gets another chance in the league, which he will based on the fact Tyreek Hill was the twitter banner for the NFL's official account for a week, then what the Patriots did was not over any lines.