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Will Politics Ruin All Star Weekend?

This year's All Star Game is in New Orleans, and not Charlotte, due to the city of Charlotte overly attempting to create equal rights for transgender members of their state regarding the use of public restrooms. This is well documented by now and briefly discussed in the audio below, but is besides the main point. The NBA moved the game to avoid political issues getting in the way of their product, but it might be a case of simply moving the issue itself to a new city.

"How about for one weekend we just show up and play basketball."

Clay Travis hopes that the NBA and it's players leave politics and Donald Trump out of this weekend, which is a celebration of talent and not a forum for cultural change. It would be a bad look for the league if players decided to showcase their political views instead of playing the game.

Listen below to Clay as he describes not only the reason the game was moved in the first place, but also the cause for concern among NBA fans before this weekend begins. 

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