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Is Chris Paul Next to Join the Pelicans?

Don't you just love those "I'm Coming Home" montage videos?

This weekend, the city of New Orleans got to celebrate the NBA version of a surprise party by hosting an All Star Weekend that was taken away from the city of Charlotte, and it might have changed the future of their franchise in the process. Whether proximity played a hand in trade talks or not, the Pelicans were able to acquire want-away big man Boogie Cousins from Sacramento in exchange for a a few loose Mardi Gras beads and a protected first round pick. New Orleans now boasts the most intimidating frontcourt in the entire NBA with Anthony Davis and Cousins, both Kentucky products, patrolling the paint. Where they lack is in the backcourt, and the bench, actually everywhere but those two. 

BUT, is help on the way?

Chris Paul has been a savior for the Los Angeles Clippers franchise since his arrival from New Orleans, but has failed to get past the second round of the postseason and suffered some heartbreaking defeats in the process. Now, there could be locker room unrest with rumored Carmelo Anthony trade talks, Blake Griffin injuries and discomfort, and an aging Paul continuing to demand a lot from his teammates somewhat to a fault. 

Plus, he is a free agent this summer. Will the Clippers be willing to pay Chris Paul, who is on the wrong side of 30 years old, max money and length on a contract that would take him to the age of 37? Point guards hit a wall after too many years due to the nature of the position and the grind it takes on a players body, and Paul has never been the 'invincible' type that is going to avoid that natural toll. 

Chris Paul to New Orleans is a sourceless pipe-dream from a fan of the NBA, but with the upcoming free agency, the dynamic in Los Angeles surrounding a group of players who are continually rumored to be splitting, and a suddenly one-piece-away roster from the city that adores Paul in New Orleans, there is certainly a case to be made. 

Let a man dream.