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Kentucky Players Don't Win NBA Titles

“Kentucky is the only great college football or basketball program that doesn’t have a great NBA or NFL player.”

After John Calipari pointed out last week that a current team of former Kentucky players could win an NBA championship, Colin Cowherd countered Calipari by saying despite the wealth of NBA talent they have in the league at the moment, they’re the only national power in college sports that does not have an all-time player who is the clear face of the program.

After linking names the likes of Tom Brady to Michigan, Michael Jordan to North Carolina, Wilt Chamberlain to Kansas, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to UCLA, and Magic Johnson to Michigan State, Cowherd wonders who would represent the Kentucky program.

Not only did Cowherd find a void in that respect, but he pointed out how Kentucky’s all-time teamt; John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins, Anthony Davis, Jamal Mashburn, and Dan Issel would combine for zero NBA titles.