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LeBron Has Always Been Jealous of Steph

“LeBron James resents the fact that Steph Curry is more popular.”

After LeBron James once again publicly reiterated that he’s not a rival of any sorts to Steph Curry, Ben Maller thinks this wasn’t as much a clarification of history, as it was LeBron showing his distaste for a player in Curry who is attempting to supplant James as the league’s most recognizable player.

Maller defines LeBron’s feelings towards Curry as ‘bitterness’, as the reigning two-time MVP is not only a clear road block to LeBron's mission of unseating Jordan in G.O.A.T. territory, but also a fierce business adversary with Curry's Under Armour brand putting some body punches on a Nike and LeBron giant that was once untouchable.

Maller thinks the 32-year-old LeBron is feeling the heat over his shoulder in a transitional generation of basketball, as Curry emulates the modern NBA superstar in the minds of millennials.