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Sports Needs a New Position: VP of Common Sense

You see it all the time in sports. Desperate teams make desperate moves in an attempt to become relevant overnight. They work almost zero percent of the time, and end up making the situation worse more often than not.

Why do teams rush into decisions and trades that seemingly make no sense? Because from the inside looking out that trade or free agency signing was logical and ideal. The lack of awareness stems from front office personnel getting so caught up in the inner-workings of the deal they stopped deciding if it made sense.

With this in mind, Colin Cowherd came up with a way to fix all of the issues that professional sports franchises may run into with this type of situation. All they have to do is hire one more Vice President, which they have 40 of already.

In the video above, Colin creates a case for all sports franchises to hire a 'VP of Common Sense' to handle things like this. Teams get so caught up in the personnnel they have, falling in love with everyone, and forget to look at the big picture. Well, no more.

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