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It's Good to be Jimmy Garoppolo Right Now

Jimmy Garoppolo has been quoted several times this week, most notable on Adam Schefter's podcast, saying that he has no idea where he is going to end up via possible trade and that he is trying to keep a level head about it all.

First and foremost, Jeffrey Gorman says "Shut Up and Back-Up" to the non-starter who is making offseason headlines. Do we even know if he can come in and win 6 out of 8 games for your franchise? Until he's dealt or proven he can be among the league's best, he needs to remain poised.

BUT, the point still remains at the end of the day, Jimmy is in a win-win situation regardless of what happens. He will come out the eventual winner of this whole offseason and get himself a starting job. Until then, it's a good time to be Jimmy Garoppolo. 

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