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Lakers are just Copying the Warriors, and That's Okay

When you are trying to succeed in a professional sports franchise, the best thing you can do is keep pace with the best in the business and try to replicate what they are doing. You see it all the time in the NFL, with teams hiring Patriots and Falcons players and coaches in an attempt to bring a culture and system into their own locker room. In the NBA, the trend set by the Golden State Warriors has been attempted by several teams, but most notably the one in the news a lot this week. 

The Los Angeles Lakers are doing their best to imitate the Golden State Warriors. With Luke Walton brought in as head coach, a system revolving around shooting from deep, prioritizing draft picks, and even the way they operate near the trade deadline all copied from the Warriors, this Lakers team is a carbon-copy of the early stages of Golden State.

Colin Cowherd says that he gives credit to teams who try and copy the best. Listen below, and be sure to tune into The Herd with Colin Cowherd every weekday from 12-3 pm est. on Fox Sports Radio.