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Celtics Discussing Including Nets Pick in Paul George Deal

According to Woj, the Celtics may be willing to include their golden child in a possible trade with the Indiana Pacers before the trade deadline comes to a close. 

For any fan of the NBA, you are well aware by now that the Celtics own the Nets first round draft pick for the next two seasons, as a result of the trade back before your parents were born that sent Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to the brand-new Barclays Center. They have since been hoarding those picks and refusing to dish them out in return for a star, despite being included in every rumor since acquiring them. 

This means one thing, plain and simple. The Celtics believe that Paul George could be the piece they need to instantly compete for an NBA title right now. Not DeMarcus Cousins, not Jimmy Butler, and not Carmelo Anthony. If they make this deal, it is because Paul George is who they believe will bring them beyond the Cavaliers. 

What do you think? Will Paul George be enough to push them into the Finals? Could they beat Golden State with this setup? Is he worth the Nets pick? So much to find out before the trade deadline happens.