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Paul George: "It was a dark moment of uncertainty"

So the above quote was said by Paul George just moments ago to reporters in Indianapolis in reference to his trade deadline rumors swirling up until the very last second. 

First things first, the Pacers owe him more than keeping him in the dark. Let's get that out of the way right off the bat. He is correct in his assumption that he would have been in on the trade talks. 

BUT, on the other hand... this is a business. If you have been so vocal about not wanting to re-sign in Indianapolis at the expiration of your contract, you don't really get to call out your team for the uncertainty in their movement on trade deadline day. If you want certainty, tell them you will re-sign or tell them you are out. One way or the other. You can't be undecided and keep your team in the dark and then go to the public like this.

That's the other piece. The fact he didn't say this to Larry Bird or other members of his front office. He went to the public. That's a no-no.