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It's Not Racist to Question Magic Johnson's Hire

John Lynch and Magic Johnson both being hired with relatively no experience has opened the door up for a lot of scrutiny from fans and analysts from the NFL and NBA, but some are starting to think that the criticism comes from a place of malice and not just logical thinking.

After Magic received doubts about his intelligence and ability to do the job that a lot of predominantly white males do in the NBA, some have viewed the entire ordeal as a racist way to look at a situation that has yet to unfold. Some think labelling an African American man as a possible failure before his job really begins is a reflection of the cynicism about the race in general.

That is not the case.

Colin Cowherd explains why it is not racist whatsoever to criticize Magic Johnson's qualifications for the job in the audio below. Listen, and be sure to tune into The Herd with Colin Cowherd LIVE every weekday from 12-3 pm est. on Fox Sports Radio.