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Joakim Noah is Out for the Season

When Phil Jackson signed Joakim Noah to a 4 year, $72 million deal this offseason, most everybody assumed it was going to wind up being a poor final decision. This coming in a year where Allen Crabbe got 4 years and $75 million, we STILL thought Noah was a bad signing. Few could have imagined it would turn out this badly, however.

Do we have to give credit to the Bulls front office on this one? Is this the ONE time a Bulls owner didn't fall in love with name or past performance and let a player walk after he was basically toasted? Or is the blame solely to fall on the Knicks shoulders?

I think you have to take the stance here that the player must be in the midst of a real transitional period and could be good as new after the surgery. It's not a major operation but shutting him down is the right move. Maybe this is just what he needs to get it going for next year. You never noah. 

P.S I'm not apologizing for that last line.