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North Carolina Bill will Let Parents put Concussed Kids Back into Games

Vocativ -North Carolina lawmakers hope to allow parents to choose when their concussed kids can return to the game, instead of requiring approval from a qualified medical professional. Seriously.

Right now, North Carolina law requires immediate removal of any student displaying concussion symptoms during a game. House Bill 112, should it pass, will give parents the power to decide if their concussed child can reenter the game. It is perhaps worth noting that most parents are not qualified medical professionals.


I almost don't want to address this with any validity or serious comeback, but I will keep it short and acknowledge the one piece of this entire North Carolina Bill that will not allow it to pass. 

If North Carolina law were to make this action unacceptable, the state would more than likely lose the services of their athletic trainers in the process. If there is one thing to be known about AT's in the world of concussions it is that they take the issue as seriously as they should. If they are in charge of a program that puts a clearly concussed player back into a game on the parent's wishes, the trainer will simply bail.

This won't happen.