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Five Richmond Baseball Players Suspended for Fantasy Football

ESPN - Five Richmond baseball players who have been ruled ineligible by the NCAA were involved in fantasy football, leading to their suspensions to start the season, according to a Richmond Times-Dispatch report.

The university announced Feb. 17 that five student-athletes on the baseball team had committed secondary violations and would be ineligible for competition until the NCAA completes the reinstatement process.

The NCAA strikes again.

There are two scenarios that keep playing out in my head as to how this happened. Surely the NCAA didn't launch a full-scale investigation into the players or the team for rampant and consistent abuse of the fantasy football rule. Even they aren't that level of petty. So the players either made a huge mistake and posted their monetary risk on the interweb, or they forgot to turn venmo to private transaction. Those are the ONLY two ways I see this happening.

If it was leaked to someone via a petty ex-girlfriend or a teammate who got cut, that person deserves to get a flat tire on the way to whatever is important to them and extremely time sensitive tomorrow. 

We all play fantasy football. Shut up, NCAA.