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Gottlieb on the Roots of 'Watered Down Coverage'

Coach K, the man in charge of USA Basketball and legendary Duke head coach, isn't capable of answering two questions in public? 

Seems a fair question in response to being told that Mike Krzyzewski won't be able to come on your show if you are a member of the media expecting him to make an appearance, but apparently it almost severed relationships between ESPN and Duke when Doug Gottlieb was there. In the audio below, Gottlieb explains a story in which he was working a Duke game and the assistant coach was filling in for media duties. Despite every other head coach in the ACC answering questions on their own, Gottlieb was berated for posing the question of why. 

This is one of the ways in which 'watered down media' gets produced. After stepping across the imaginary line of respect for athletes and coaches, the media gets told gets told to get back in line by higher-ups. It continues the cycle until eventually everyone dies of boredom.

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