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Kirk Cousins Isn't Elite, but He's a Franchise QB

“Not every business has to be Facebook or Amazon, there are a lot of solid businesses out there that aren’t on the Dow Jones Top 500.”

After becoming the first quarterback to be franchise tagged twice by the same team, Kirk Cousins will now be guaranteed $23.94 million this upcoming season, with only Joe Flacco (24.55M) and Carson Palmer ($24.12) making more money against the cap. Despite Washington’s hesitancy to commit to the Pro Bowler long-term, Colin Cowherd believes Washington made the right move by not breaking the bank for a guy they might not believe in.

“I think a lot of his success is Jay Gruden, Jordan Reed, Pierre Garcon, DeSean Jackson," Cowherd said. "I think they have tremendous offensive personnel, and I think that is elevating Kirk Cousins.”

However, even though Cousins might not be talented enough to receive Andrew Luck money, he can still be a franchise quarterback with a franchise tag.

“Kirk Cousins is a franchise quarterback,” Cowherd said. “He’s not Brees or Rodgers but he’s smart, he’s stable, he works his tail off, his teammates like him and he’s got a chip on his shoulder.”