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Transgender Wrestler Provides Chance to Talk Age Limits

There is a rule in Texas that you must compete in the high school sport’s gender that you have on your birth certificate, no exceptions. Little did they know in the creation of this rule that a situation would arise like the one currently unfolding this week in the world of Texas wrestling.

The full details of the story can be found here, but to sum it up a girl in Texas has been taking steroids in preparation of a sex change to become a boy. Due to the Texas law stating that the athlete must compete in the gender of the birth certificate, this individual is dominating females in the wrestling circuit and fans are not happy.

This story can be approached from multiple perspectives, but one not commonly discussed involves the age of the athlete in question and the fact that procedures have already begun the preliminary stages. You can’t go to war or buy a pack of cigarettes before the age of 18, and can’t even have a beer until you are 21, but you can get a sex change with parental consent?

This is an extreme decision, a member of Clay Travis’ family has gone through the procedure, but should we allow people who are under 18 to make a decision of this magnitude? A guy shouldn’t be allowed to get a nose job before he’s 18 if he wanted, why are we letting children do this?

Clay Travis gives his unique perspective in the audio below. Be sure to tune into Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis every weekday from 12-3 pm est. on Fox Sports Radio.