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Adrian Peterson is a Good Fit with the Dallas Cowboys

Adrian Peterson has no shortage of options available as far as teams who are interested in his services, and he has his choice between most teams in the NFL ahead of next season. However, when deciding where you think Peterson will land, it's important to remember the limitations that he comes with.

He is a veteran RB during a time where shelf lives are not high in that position. He might not be capable of carrying a a full workload on his own. He also hasn't worked with primarily shotgun systems up until this point. There are a lot of factors coming into play, and they all lend their own insight into where Peterson might end up. 

Jonas Knox and Dan Beyer believe the Cowboys might be a good fit for AP when it's all said and done, and they discuss it in the audio below. You can hear Knox and Beyer every weekday from 3-6 pm est. on Fox Sports Radio.