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Don't You Dare Feel Sorry for 'Tired' NBA Players

(Picture Colin speaking in a British accent over a melancholy violin melody) 

“24-year-old millionaires on a private jet travel east and by the second day at the Ritz-Carlton they were literally exhausted. How did the young men make it this far? They had not been to their mansions in 48 hours, their butlers and nannies did not travel with them on the private jet, how did they survive?”

Let’s just say Colin Cowherd doesn’t have any sympathy for the weak and weary, as the Golden State Warriors lost in Washington on Tuesday night in the second night of a back-to-back during their East Coast road trip.

With the team citing fatigue to their unexpected loss, Colin took a humorous take on the immense physical and emotional pain these young men must be going through right now.