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Doug Adler Suffers Heart Attack, Doctor says Racist Backlash Caused It

Doug Adler suffered a heart attack yesterday, and our best wishes go out to Doug and those closest to him right now. Never an easy time. 

When Doug was fired from ESPN over his use of the word 'guerilla' it really had a strong impact on him. Being branded a racist by a twitter army of misinformed eggs, as well as the burden of carrying around this unjustified scarlet letter wherever he went, took a strong toll on Doug and those in his life. He has appeared on Outkick the Coverage multiple times to justify his remarks and plead for the understanding of the general public, but unfortunately it's impossible to stop a tidal wave once it's taken shape. 

Now, with the heart attack this week, Doug is seeing physical deterioration from the stress related to this incident. He called Clay Travis from the hospital, and said that his doctor has linked the firing at ESPN to this incident via the stress it has created.

Listen to the audio below, and be sure to send Doug your best wishes on twitter. You can hear Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis every weekday from 6-9 am est. on Fox Sports Radio.