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FSU Player Trips Grayson Allen for Revenge

CBS SPORTS - Xavier Rathan-Mayes was the second victim of a Grayson Allen trip last season. Ever since, he’s wanted revenge. He more or less admitted as much after Florida State’s 88-72 win over Duke earlier this season.

“This one was personal for me,” Rathan-Mayes said postgame. “Ever since he did that, I’ve been waiting a long time to see him again. It was good to finally see him again.”

Rathan-Mayes got the better of Allen that evening on the court. That was probably all the revenge he needed. But during the second meeting between the two teams this season on Tuesday night…

The difference between the words intentional and malicious really comes into play on this in my opinion. 

Did he mean to do trip Grayson Allen? Absolutely. He was going to get up, saw out of the corner of his eye that Ted Cruz-esque permanent grin on the face of America's Most Hated Shooting Guard, and lifted his toes to catch the shoestrings and knock him down. 

But did he want to do any harm or kick out like Grayson did against Elon in frustration and anger? Not a chance. If given the same circumstance I feel like this player on Florida State probably wouldn't have the wherewithal to do something malicious. 

So this is a different circumstance, and almost a funny one once you take it all into consideration. Harmless, put Grayon on his backside, and got to snark at him to the media and claim moral victory. 

Carry on now, college basketball. But month ahead. Who's next in line for Grayson Allen?