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The NCAA Has Lost All Grip on Reality

After five college baseball players at the University of Richmond were suspended and deemed ineligible for taking part in a Fantasy Football league with a cash prize, Clay Travis blasted the NCAA for being a contentious and corrupt organization lacking a trace of common sense.

Travis said it's inexplicable that the NCAA would come down hard on a fantasy sport, when the bulk of its marketing comes in bracket challenges that give people a much bigger incentive to tune in to watch their product.

“Talk about hypocritical, the NCAA owes most of its money to the popularity of the brackets that it puts out every year for the NCAA Tournament,” Travis said. “These five college kids are playing fantasy football and they’re now ineligible to play baseball under NCAA rules.”

Travis said the top people in charge over at the NCAA have let disgraceful scandals and infamies go unseen right under their noses for decades, but love to chomp at the bit when it comes to harmless traces of obscure violations.     

“They have lost all grip on reality. They get so wrapped up in what they’re doing, that they forget what it’s like to be human,” Travis said. “Baylor has 50 alleged sexual assaults, at Penn State they had a former assistant head coach who was out there raping kids with impunity, you’ve had all sorts of felonies committed by a variety of different players all over the nation, and those guys are still eligible under NCAA rules."

"And then you have five baseball players at the University of Richmond playing Fantasy freaking football, and they are not eligible to participate in baseball right now under NCAA rules.”