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Colin Kaepernick is a Not a Good Enough Communicator

Colin Kaepernick is not guaranteed to land another NFL contract next season, and according to Clay Travis he might not be guaranteed a job on television or as a social rights activist either with his current skill set.

For someone who relies on their ability to communicate and to explain the cause of an action or movement, Kaepernick fails to make things clear and explain his actions in various ways. He refuses opportunities to clarify, and instead comes across as haphazardly or sort of going by the seat of his pants on the whole thing.

"Colin Kaepernick is better at quarterbacking than he is at advocating for political perspectives, and he isn't that good at quarterbacking."

Clay Travis explains his point in the audio below. You can hear Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis live on Fox Sports Radio every single weekday morning from 6-9 am est. on the iHeart Radio App.