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Joel Embiid is Greg Oden

Joel Embiid has been shut down for the remainder of the season with another knee injury, making it three major setbacks since his arrival in the NBA. The romance of his unique ability, fun loving personality, and humorous twitter account aside, it's time to call a spade a spade.

"Joel Embiid is now Greg Oden. Yup, he is."

Joel Embiied has played ONLY 31 GAMES OF A TOTAL 246 SO FAR IN HIS NBA CAREER. Greg Oden was also hurt in college, but even he managed to put up a more robust number of games played at the start of his career.

This just goes to show the crapshoot that is drafting NBA centers. You never know which will pan out and which are going to spend their entire career on the sideline in a walking boot. 

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