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How Colin Kaepernick Affected the 2016 Presidential Election

“A lot of people felt like Colin Kaepernick and his protests represented not a very moderate approach to anything, and they were antagonized, angry about it, and they switched.”

Clay Travis firmly believes Colin Kaepernick’s controversial protests early last season were so polarizing and incendiary that a massive wave of derision towards the quarterback trickled down all the way to the ballot boxes.

Travis thinks major battleground states that had historically been fertile grounds for football took exception to Kaepernick’s behavior, and triggered them to alter their political perspectives.

“I don’t think those guys and girls who flipped voting in Wisconsin for Barack Obama in 2012 and Donald Trump in 2016 suddenly became racist,” Travis said of the hundreds of Midwestern communities who unexpectedly went from blue to red in the four years after Obama’s second election triumph. “A big part of that was because Donald Trump appealed to a segment of the population that was antagonized by what Colin Kaepernick and people of his ilk were doing.”