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Would you be okay with Drafting Joe Mixon?

"What are the limits of redemption?"

The Joe Mixon video was a truly shocking visualization of an incident that was had not received the media attention it deserved, and the reaction had by all who saw it was that of disgust and utter shock. Charles Davis was among those who saw the video as the father of a daughter, and could not believe there was a group of people justifying it as self-defense.

But that is past, and those conversations have all been had. The issue facing those within the NFL, and those who are paid to discuss it, is the NFL Draft and the 'limit of redemption' NFL owners are forced to decide. Would you draft Joe Mixon due to his obvious athletic ability and hope he has learned and deserves a second chance? Or do you keep the media circus away from your team and steer clear of someone bound to create distractions heading into camp.

Charles Davis joined Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis this morning to share what he believes in, and how he would approach this situation as an NFL owner and a father. Listen below, and be sure to tune into Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis every weekday from 6-9 am est. on Fox Sports Radio.