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If You Want a Franchise QB, You Better Foot the Bill

“How much is Jimmy Garoppolo worth? If my scouts told me he was going to be a franchise quarterback I would give you my entire year’s draft.”

As Jimmy Garoppolo continues to have his name shopped around in trade rumors across the NFL, Colin Cowherd believes New England’s incredibly high asking price for the unproven, yet esteemed backup quarterback is worth every penny.

Cowherd believes just like in health, supposed franchise quarterbacks are eternally priceless.

“Ask somebody right now who’s on five pills who hurts daily – bad back, migraine headaches – what they’d give to eliminate those. They’d give you everything,” Cowherd said. “Belichick should demand you feel uncomfortable, because I don’t see a price on franchise quarterbacks.”

Cowherd pointed out that quarterbacks are the only position on the field that undeniably determine the outcomes of games, so why not do everything in your power to get the one your team desperately needs.  

“When people say New England is asking for too much, you do realize no player in this league is worth more than a point at any other position,” he said. “Adrian Peterson in his prime was worth about a point and a half max.”